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Hello!! And welcome to Yankee's Place!! My name is Linda and I am a very avid NY Yankee fan!! However, my love for the game didn't start here. My love for baseball started when I was a child, going to Three Rivers Stadium to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates. I watched Willie Stargell, Dave Parker, and "The CandyMan"; just to name a few. As a child these players seem larger than life; and as an adult, I see them as a team of men who love the game as much as I do!!

My favorite Yankee is 03; George Herman Ruth. Better known as "The Sultan of Swat", "The Banbino", and "The Babe." Although, Babe Ruth played before my time; I have seen old Yankee games that he played in, and documentaries of "The Babe." There's been alot of Greats to wear the pinstripes; and he was among the best!!

There's nothing better than watching a great baseball game....especially if the Yankees are playing!! In my opinion; they're the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL!!! World Series Champions in 1996 and 1998! And what a year '98 was!! Looking forward to the first pitch on opening day; 1999!!! GO BRONX BOMBERS!!!

Hope you enjoy Yankee's Place! As the 1999 season gets under way; I'll be adding more to this site. So I hope you'll check back again!! I aslo hope you'll check out the link for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that I've added. Maybe we can help bring some of these kids home.

I also hope you'll visit "Carl's Sports Place"; my husband's web site!! You'll find NY Yankee and NY Jets info in there.

Thanks for stopping by!! And while you're here, please sign my guestbook!! Thanks!! :-)

Linda "yankee"

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Add Me!

Yankee fans everywhere were saddened by the passing of Joe DiMaggio; The Yankee Clipper. Joe was truely one of the Greats to wear the Pinstripes. It's so sad to say goodbye; but I believe Joe is an Angel in the Outfield.



The Yankees leader has returned after being diagnosed and treated for prostrate cancer. His return was just as he always is in the dugout; quiet and unassuming. His players didn't even know of his return until they got to Fenway Park on May 18. Joe Torre arrived at Fenway with THE BOSS; and THE BOYS ARE BACK because their LEADER is back! I can only imagine how much the Yankees missed Joe Torre; because I know how much I missed seeing him in the dugout. WELCOME BACK JOE T.!!!!! Your players and fans LOVE you and missed so much!!!

Yankee's Place would not be complete without Billy Martin. I think he was the Manager that George Steinbrenner "Loved to hate." But the Christmas of 1989, was a very sad time when Billy died. Almost like losing a member of the family. My husband got to shake Billy's hand before a game when he was a kid!! He was a fun manager to watch and he was so animated!! Like the other Yankee Great's that have gone before him, Billy is still loved and missed.

Linda Burian

Tallahassee, Florida
United States

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